Our Philosophy

At Sylvania Heights BASC we believe a quality environment for children is one which promotes a child’s self-esteem and competencies and where staff feel comfortable and confident in their roles (My Time Our Place, Leaning Outcomes 1 & 3).
Our staff members are dedicated to supporting children develop a positive self-esteem, and a positive attitude to learning and interacting with others (My Time Our Place, Leaning Outcomes 4 & 5).

We aim to reflect an inclusive approach to develop positive gender, racial, cultural, class and individual identities (My Time Our Place, Leaning Outcome 2).

At Sylvania Heights Before and After School Care our Centre philosophy guides us to:

  • provide high quality care for all children in a safe and healthy environment
  • encourage open communication between families, staff, children and the community 
  • provide a balance of structured play and learning experiences as well as allowing children to play freely
  • welcome all individuals and families, respecting all family structures and cultural backgrounds.