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About Us

Our Centre

The staff, families and children of Sylvania Heights Before and After School Care would like to welcome you to the service. We hope that you and your child find the time with us a happy and rewarding experience. We understand that new children to the service may find BASC a daunting place, and we open our doors to welcome you to bring your child to the Centre to allow them to become familiar with the staff and routines.  If you would like to make an appointment for an orientation visit, please phone the Director on 9522 7595.

The Centre is supported by a Management Committee made up of volunteer parents, who have children attending the centre as well as staff representatives. We are an approved centre, which gives parents the ability to access Child Care Subsidy (CCS) as a fee reduction.

We constantly strive to provide the best quality of care for the children who attend our centre by providing a pleasant and safe environment. The centre is open every school day and operated by a team of dedicated staff who are both trained / experienced and passionate about working with children.

Students enjoy;

  • playing with their friends
  • taking part in a variety of outdoor sports/games
  • indoor and craft activities
  • assisting their peers with homework

Sylvania Heights Before & After School Care Parent Management Committee

A voluntary group of parents operates the Management Committee of Sylvania Heights BASC. The Committee decides matters of policy, fees, staffing and all matters relating to the running of the Centre. This Committee meets each term and as required. The Sylvania Heights BASC Management Committee delegates the day to day responsibilities to the Centre Director.
Parents with any problems, suggestions or queries are encouraged to put these in writing, addressed to the Honorary Secretary of the Sylvania Heights BASC Management Committee and this correspondence will be presented at the next committee meeting.
If you would like to join the Management Committee or talk to one of the current members, please contact the Centre on 02 9522 7595 or send an email addressed to the Parent Management Committee to shbasc@tpg.com.au.  Any parent with queries or suggestions should address these in writing where possible with the Centre’s Director or Management Committee.

Service Administrators

A Service Administrator (Becklyn Pty Ltd) is employed to handle all financial administrative matters. The Administrators can be contacted during business hours on 02 9878 2651 or by email at info@becklyn.com.au.

Before and After School Care

Our Before & After School Care operates Monday – Friday on school days, between the following hours:

Mornings: 7:00am-9:15am
Afternoons: 3:25pm-6:00pm

At Before School Care, the children are free to choose their own activities or participate in programmed experiences. Whilst at After School Care, Independent workers can complete homework from 3.45pm onwards. Staff do not tutor or sit 1:1 with the children, but are in the room & will give some assistance if needed. Programmed, free choice and outdoor activities run from 3:45pm to 5.30pm.

Vacation Care

SHBASC is excited to advise that during the school holidays in December / January, April, July and September / October we now provide Vacation Care!.  Our Centre is open to all students from Sylvania Heights Public School, as well as children in the local community who are currently in Kindergarten to Year 6.  During the December holiday period, SHBASC will also accept children who are enrolled to commence school in the following January.

Vacation Care is packed with many theme days and activities in centre as well as incursions and excursions. Our program aims to keep your children entertained during the holidays and ensure that they having lots of fun with their friends. Parents are asked to ensure their child brings a hat each day

Vacation Care Opening Hours: 7:00am – 6:00pm


Breakfast- A nutritious breakfast is provided for all children during the before school session, and on Vacation Care days from 7:00am until 8:30am. Children are given the opportunity to serve themselves cereal and cook their own toast at our closely supervised breakfast bar.  The builds on their sense of self whilst allowing them opportunity to be responsible for their own health and wellbeing.

Afternoon Tea- Afternoon tea is provided for all children attending After School Care and also those attending on our Vacation Care Days. Families provide morning tea and lunch during Vacation Care, unless otherwise stated in the Vacation Care Program.

We aim to provide nutritious and varied breakfasts and afternoon teas for the children attending the Centre. Information regarding menu selections is available for parents to access at the Centre. Consideration is given to children with special dietary needs and the afternoon tea provided is adjusted based on any special needs. Frequently an afternoon activity will include cooking a range of healthy, multicultural foods. On special occasions such as birthdays, children will cook foods like cakes and biscuits. Children are able to consume these during the afternoon or take them home. Cooking is a favourite activity and is included in our weekly programming.  The centre is committed to healthy eating and regularly reviews the menu to ensure that the children receive well balanced drinks and snacks.

Dietary requirements

If your child has any dietary requirements, please ensure these are noted on enrolment, and discussed further with our Centre Director, James.  SHBASC caters for children with various dietary requirements.

Children with Additional Needs

Our centre caters for children with special needs and is able to access Inclusion Support Funding for these children in some situations.  If your child has any additional needs, please ensure these are noted on enrolment, and discuss your child’s individual circumstances with our Centre Director, James.

Priority of Access 

The Federal Government has approved our service to provide 120 places for children per day in Before School and After School Care sessions.  Our responsibility is to ensure that places are offered using the priority of access guidelines as set down by the Federal Government. Therefore our service will take children into care on the following basis:

Priority 1 A child at risk of serious abuse or neglect

Priority 2 A child of a single parent who satisfies, or parents who both satisfy, the work/training/study test under Section 14 of the Family Assistance Act

Priority 3 Any other child.

Within each of these priorities the following children are to be given priority:

  1. Children in Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander families.
  2. Children in families that includes a person with a disability.
  3. Children in families on lower incomes.
  4. Children in families with a non-English speaking background.
  5. Children in socially isolated families and children of single parents.

Should the service become full, a parent using care who is Priority 3 may be requested to vacate the place for a child in Priority 1 or 2. Fourteen (14) day’s notice will be given.  Wherever possible, Sylvania Heights BASC will endeavor to accommodate both children in such an instance.