28 Mar 2018

Revised Fee Policy

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The Sylvania Heights BASC Management Committee and SHBASC staff wish to advise all families of the Centre’s updated Payment of Fees policy which takes effect from Monday 30th April, 2018 (Week1, Term 2). A copy of this policy is now available for viewing on the Centre’s website.

Could you please open and read this policy as it will be strictly adhered to.

Please be aware direct debit of your account balance via EziDebit is the Centre’s preferred method of payment. Commencing 2018 all new enrolments will be required to pay via direct debit.

The following is a summary of actions contained in the fees policy.

  1. Statements emailed to parents at least every fortnight, usually on a Tuesday.
  2. Parents are expected to pay their outstanding amount within 7 days
  3. Reminder letter emailed after 7 days if no payment has been received
  4. Non-payment of outstanding amount may result in attendance bookings being cancelled

Parents experiencing financial difficulties need to communicate same to the Centre Director, shbasc@tpg.com.au  and / or Becklyn staff, julie@becklyn.com.au

The Committee sincerely hopes everyone can understand the need for and will comply with the Centre’s fee policy.

SHBASC Management Committee