29 Jun 2016


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Good morning everyone,

As you may know, our exciting Vacation Care program is out and bookings are open!

As I have received a couple of concerns regarding the price for some days, I wanted to ensure that parents are aware that their Child Care Benefits (CCB) and/or Child Care Rebates (CCR) apply to the total amount of the day. Unlike many other services in the area who only apply to this to the additional cost for the activity but still charge a base rate for the full amount. This may mean that you pay $50 per day but the CCB/CCR only applies to the additional cost that you need to pay, leaving you out of pocket at least $50.

As we do not separate out costs like this, this means that your CCB/CCR applies to the full amount. For instance if your total benefits equate to 50%, you will only pay approximately $25 for a day that is advertised as $50 or $40 for an excursion day that is advertised as $80.  Centrelink eligibility requirements do still apply.

Hopefully this clarifies and alleviates any concerns you may have had regarding our prices for our Vacation Care. We look forward to seeing you these holidays!


James Shore